About Us

Panhandle Insurance, Inc. started 24 years ago in Blountstown, Florida with a single goal of providing quality insurance products and excellent service to Calhoun and Liberty Counties. Since those early days in 1987, Panhandle Insurance has met the needs of a diverse range of clients including many public entities, nonprofit entities and private industries throughout the region. The company is owned and operated by Harold Montford, a seasoned professional with 38 years experience and a true native of our community.

The insurance industry is a highly regulated and ever-changing world that requires careful monitoring. Under the direction of Harold Montford, Panhandle Insurance provides sound counsel and oversight to numerous groups, with annual premiums totaling $5.2 million dollars. Harold understands the needs of your community and has earned the respect of his peers in the insurance industry. With the recent passage of healthcare reform, the insurance industry is undergoing rapid and frequent changes in an effort to adjust. Your employees deserve no less than the most experienced, local professional looking after their insurance needs.

Prior to starting Panhandle Insurance, Mr. Montford gained more than 14 years of experience in the insurance industry. He managed a complex insurance district for a major carrier and was responsible for sales and marketing, recruiting and training agents and sales managers and had a staff of 30 sales agents, five managers and four secretaries. It was during this time that Mr. Montford realized there was a need not being met in smaller rural counties. Thus, Panhandle Insurance, Inc. was launched.


  • Marketing of health, life, dental, disability and cancer insurance
  • Evaluation and review of member's needs / coverage
  • Aggressive negotiation on your behalf
  • Installation of supplemental and alternative plans
  • Physician Relations (Incorporating local doctors into various carrier networks, expanding access to your employees)
  • Enrolling employers
  • Enrolling employees
  • Assisting employees with claims
  • Submission of group proposals
  • Personal visits on employer site at employer's discretion
  • Workshops with employees to inform them about coverage, contact information and provider network
  • Sponsorship: Calhoun Liberty Hospital, Health Screening Day
  • e-Newsletter with useful information and wellness tips


Harold Montford, President

17665 NE Pear St.

Blountstown, FL 32424

Phone: 850-674-8005

Fax: 850-674-2935

Email: harold@mypanhandleinsurance.com